RoSa's Archives

The memory of the Flemish Women's Movement

The RoSa library does not only contain more than 30.000 books on gender and feminism. We are also the proud owners of archives from the pioneering age in the Flemish women's movement. RoSa wants to preserve and document this part of the women's history.

Apart from the archives made available below, we also have a number of not yet described archives in our possession. Contact us for more information.

Did you find a treasure while cleaning up the attic? Is the mountain of papers from your women's house taking up all your shelf space? Let us know and we will be happy to take it over from you.

You can consult all available archives during your visit to the RoSa library. Please notify us up front so we can prepare the desired materials.

RoSa also conserves an extensive poster collection which gives you a visual insight in the history of the women's movement.

Below you can find the archives RoSa possesses.

  • Action Committee Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • BRT (BRT)
  • Diane De Keyzer
  • Georgette De Wit
  • Left Women Bruges (LVB)
  • Liesbeth Severne
  • Lily Boeykens
  • Lilith (LIL)
  • Lutgart Van Parijs
  • Mieke Coene
  • Myriam Van Vaerenbergh
  • PAG
  • Refleks
  • Reina Ascherman
  • Reizend Volkstheater - Gerd Van Limbergen
  • Roze Huis
  • Sappho
  • Women's day Bruges 1991
  • Women's House Bruges
  • Women's House Hasselt
  • Women's House Kortrijk

Posters Archives

RoSa's archives of posters connected to the national and international women's movement has over 3000 titles. A part of our posters collection has been digitalized. Digital prints in high resolution can be purchased. Contact us for more details. You can find more posters on our Dutch website. The posters sorted as follows:


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