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RoSa offers customized trainings on gender and gender awareness. All workshops are interactive with open discussions based on personal experiences in a supportive, non-judgmental format. For that reason groups are limited 20 participants. We offer the following workshops:

  • Gender for Dummies - a general introduction on gender; target group: basically everyone
  • Gender in Kindergarten - target group: teacher's training
  • Gender in the Elementary School - target group: teacher's training
  • New! Gender in Secondary Education - target group: teacher's training
  • New! Gender in Care and Nurturing - target group: diverse trainings in pedagogy, care, parenting, ...

The chosen workshop can be adjusted to your needs and requirements.

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RoSa workshop Gender for Dummies

The word 'gender' is being used in many contexts, some more correct than others. But what does gender mean exactly? Have stereotyped roles of men and women an impact on our lives? How big is that impact? Are we aware that we might be thinking in stereotypes? How can ideas on masculinity and femininity lead to social injustice and unequal opportunities? These and other questions are discussed in the interactive workshop 'Gender for Dummies'.

In a personal way, this workshop shows the participants that in our society it still matters whether you are born a man or a woman.. Gender stereotypes limits peoples' ability to fulfill their potential by limiting choices and opportunities. This workshop aims at providing participants with a new perspective on gender, not hindered by gender prejudices. By increasing gender awareness you contribute to building a society with more equal opportunities, allowing each of us to discover and fulfill your own potential, regardless whether you are a woman or a man.

Practical information

The workshop lasts approximately 2.5 hours, but can be adjusted to your wishes. Because the workshop is interactive, it is limited to 20 persons per session. Depending on the location:

  • The workshop is held in our facilities in Brussels (Koningsstraat 136): free of charge.
  • The workshop is held on location: you will have to provide a flipchart, a beamer and a projection screen. The price of the workshop is € 200 + reimbursement of travel expenses.

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